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Lower Back

Low Back Pain

The lower back bears most of the body’s weight and can be easily injured when you lift, reach, or twist. Pain in the lower back may come from the spine, back muscles, nerves, or other structures in the surrounding region. It may also radiate from problems in different regions, like the mid and upper back, a hernia in the groin, or issues in the ovaries/testicles. It may not be one action that causes pain in the back. Doing many things improperly over time, like sitting, standing, and lifting, may lead your back to be injured when you do something simple like bending down to pick up a dropped pencil.


– A variety of symptoms may be felt
– Tingling or burning sensation
– Dull aching or sharp pain
– Weakness in legs or feet
– Pain may come on gradually or abruptly


OA is the most common joint disorder. The cartilage (or cushioning) between bone joints wears away in this condition, leading to pain and stiffness. As the condition progresses, the cartilage dissipates and bone grinds on bone. Bony spurs usually form around the joint. OA most commonly affects the hands, feet, spine, and the weight-bearing joints like the hips and knees. The two types of OA are primary and secondary. Primary occurs with no incidence of injury or obvious cause. Secondary is due to another condition. Secondary OA is most commonly caused by metabolic conditions (i.e., acromegaly), problems in anatomy (i.e., being “bow-legged”), injury, and inflammatory disorders (i.e., septic arthritis).


– Grating of the joint with motion
– Joint pain in rainy weather
– Joint swelling
– Limited movement
– Morning stiffness


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL Tear)

An anterior cruciate ligament injury is extreme stretching or tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. A tear may be partial or complete. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that attach one bone to another. The ACL connects the thighbone to the shin bone, crossing the knee. For an unknown reason, women are more susceptible to ACL injuries. ACL tears may be caused by contact or non-contact injuries. A blow to the side of the knee, like during a football tackle, may result in an ACL tear. However, coming to a quick stop, combined with a direction change while running, pivoting, landing from a jump, or overextending the knee joint, can cause injury to the ACL. Sports like basketball, football, soccer, and skiing have regular occurrences of ACL tears.


– Feeling or hearing a pop in the knee at the time of injury
– Pain on the outside and back of the knee
– The knee swelling within the first few hours of the injury
– Limited knee movement
– Knee wobbling, buckling, or giving out


Total Knee Replacement

TKR can help relieve pain and restore function in the knee joint. The surgeon cuts away damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap and replaces it with an artificial joint (prosthesis). More than 95 percent of people who receive a TKR experience significant pain relief, improved mobility, and a better overall quality of life (from

Symptoms that may lead one to consider a knee replacement:

– Knee pain that doesn’t respond to therapy (medication, or therapy for 6 months or more)
– Pain that limits or prevents activities
– Inability to sleep through the night because of knee pain
– Arthritis of the knee
– Decreased knee function caused by arthritis
– Some tumors involving the knee


Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

Frozen shoulder is the common name of adhesive capsulitis, an inflammatory condition that restricts motion in the shoulder. The tissues around the joint stiffen, adhesions (internal scar tissue) form, and shoulder movements become difficult and painful. The condition sometimes occurs because of lack of use due to pain caused by injury, but can also arise with no obvious cause. Those associated with an increased risk for this condition include those with diabetes, shoulder trauma (including surgery), hyperthyroidism, and a history of open heart disease or cervical disk disease.


– Stiffness
– Pain
– Limited Motion


AC Joint Seperation

The shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body, but unfortunately this makes them prone to injury. A shoulder separation is the partial or complete separation of the clavicle (collarbone) and the acromion process (the top of the shoulder blade at the end) which meet at what is called the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). The most common cause of a separated shoulder is a fall or blow to the shoulder. The impact may stretch or tear the ligaments that stabilize the AC joint. This separates the bones in the shoulder, creating a bump at the top of the shoulder.


– Intense shoulder pain
– Tenderness of the shoulder and collarbone
– Shoulder or arm weakness
– Shoulder bruising or swelling
– Limited shoulder movement
– A bump at the top of the shoulder

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Carmen Yu,




Special Credentials

Carmen is a veteran in the field of physical therapy. She has training as a Strain-Counter-Strain Specialist. Carmen is also a Certified Lymphedema Specialist. She decided on becoming a Physical Therapist after finishing 2 years of medical school, and has enjoyed it ever since. She has worked in different settings such as hospitals (acute and outpatient care), nursing homes and home health care. During this time, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of patients including famous athletes.

Cancer survivor works with therapist to control lymphedema

– An article published about Pro-motion Physical Therapy:  Click Here to read it. 


Carmen graduated from a prestigious school in the Philippines with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a BS in Physical Therapy.


Carmen loves to dance, watch movies, shopping, traveling, playing tennis and taking care of her orchids.

What I like most..

We focus on giving our clients the best care possible and getting them back to enjoy life. We trained our staff to ensure that we give a great service from the receptionist and the therapist. I also like the family atmosphere and the atypical gym atmosphere. Clients enjoys coming to therapy even though at times they are still in pain.

Rommel Yu,
Special Credentials Rommel is a trained Strain-Counter-Strain specialist. Rommel has over 30 years of experience in acute care, home health, sub-acute, out-patient therapy and highly skilled in Manual Therapy. He has been a lead Therapist for a prestigious national company for more than 8 years before settling down in Florida and has extensive management experience. Spent 8 years at a local hospital, working initially in a sub- acute care then the last 9 years at the hospital’s out-patient facility before joining Pro-Motion PT.


Rommel has a BS in Physical Therapy.


Rommel loves to watch movies, read and play computer games. He also enjoys time with his family.

What I like most..

Having a personalized care, we value privacy and do not have a typical gym atmosphere. Our staff are very pleasant, well-trained, and treat each other like family. Each of our professional staff have their own specialty.

Bruce McKnight,
Special Credentials He has worked at the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation (NYU Medical Center), and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Since coming to Florida in 1981, he has worked in the home health care, owned a clinic, Spruce Creek Physical Therapy, and for 20 years worked at Halifax Medical Center, where he was the supervisor of out-patient therapy. Bruce is one of the few physical therapists worldwide certified as a Practitioner of Strain-Counter-Strain, which is a technique for the relief of pain and dysfunction arising from muscle and spinal problems.


Bruce is a 1975 graduate of the Physical Therapy Program, from Boston University.


Bruce loves to play golf in his spare time.

What I like most..

The one on one care and the Strain Counter-Strain we offer.

Melanie Vumbaca,
PT Assistant
Special Credentials Melanie Vumbaca is a graduate of Daytona State College Physical Therapist Assistant Program. She offers experience in quality patient care, therapeutic exercises and activities, gait training, manual therapy, modalities, and balance training. She is bilingual with proficiency in English and Spanish.


Rommel has an AS in Physical Therapy Assistance.


Melanie enjoys reading, going to the beach, dancing, and going camping with family and friends.

What I like most..

“I love that Pro-Motion emphasizes quality patient care and the feeling of fulfillment that comes from helping our patients.”


Kaitlyn Mulvenna,
Special Credentials My name is Kaitlyn Mulvenna and I am a receptionist here at Pro-Motion. This is my first job as a medical receptionist and I love it. I have learned so much stuff that I will be able to take with me through life. I’m so thankful for my job and for the wonderful staff here at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy!


I graduated from high school in 2013 and I plan on furthering my education by going back to school to become a RN.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my 9-month-old baby. We love going on bike rides, fishing, swimming, and going to the beach.

What I like most..

Our patients are great. They aren’t just our patients, they become family!

Tara Romeo
Massage Therapist
Special Credentials My name is Tara Romeo and I have been able to live out a passion of mine since I was ten as a massage therapist for over 13 years now. My technique and specialties range from basic massage therapeutic to deep tissue including cranial tension release. One day I expect to expand to the area of infant massage as well as teaching parents the technique to further that bond at home.


Coming soon


I reside in Port Orange along side my husband and children.

What I like most..

I am grateful to work along side the team at Pro-Motion Therapy. Through the well trained therapists here I have had the pleasure of helping to see so many regain strength as well as new excitement for their healing.


[youtube 8i5Hf1XlLbE]
[youtube 9hmnILpKk2g]


“I’m grateful for the gentle and caring expertise I received from Pro-Motion Physical Therapy. They helped me so much after several traumas of broken bones, malfunctioning muscles and painful joints.”  -Norman & Dolores Hickey, South Daytona, FL


“I’ve been to physical therapy before but I’ve never had the results I’ve had here. I’d highly recommend Pro-Motion Physical Therapy to anyone.”
-Everlyn Maddox, Ponce Inlet, FL


“The front office was very helpful with managing my appointments. The staff made me very comfortable by being so helpful and friendly.”
– Janet King


“I did all the exercises that I was supposed to do. They worked and made me feel good. The office is perfect and all the people made me feel welcome. Nothing should change. Everyone made me feel good about myself.”
– Gail Williams


“Regina was pleasant, efficient and kind with regular scheduling and when I ran into trouble! My initial intake interview was with Carmen. She put me at ease and I felt assured that I would do well. Barbara gave me my treatment and was great. She kept me consistent and made sure I progressed. She made the time go by with her nice personality and was very informative, even when she had to look stuff up.” – Lorraine Castellano


“My problem was solved quickly. After my therapy, I was relieved of pain. Everything was good. I will recommend them highly.”
– Isabel Rivera Rosado


“Obtaining the knowledge of the exercises needed to relieve the pain and working with Aleena, a very skilled and professional therapist was what I like best about my experience. If you want to be helped, and you can be, Pro-Motion is the right place.”
– Fred Hampton


“Everyone in the facility was very courteous and caring about your problems. I would highly recommend going there.”
– Martha Brown


“I was referred to Pro-Motion Physical Therapy by my Oncologist for Lymphedema of the arm. Within a couple of weeks, I had less pain and more mobility as well as information to help me prevent further problems. The staff was kind, friendly, and accommodating. I would highly recommend anyone to this clinic anytime.” -Dunbar, Deborah


“Approximately six weeks ago I walked into your office as a miserable person. I was in extreme pain and somewhat dazed from the pain medication that I was on at the time. Now, thanks to your expert guidance, I am pain free, drug free, and a completely new person.” -John S. Bryan, Daytona Beach Shores, FL


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* PLEASE NOTE: This is a listing of some but not all conditions that physical therapists treat. This page is intended for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete and should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please contact your physical therapist for more information on the condition that concerns you.

“I’ve been to physical therapy before but I’ve never had the results I’ve had here. I’d highly recommend Pro-Motion Physical Therapy to anyone.”
-Everlyn Maddox, Ponce Inlet, FL